Woman with braces

It’s never too late to have crowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth (and jaws) corrected with orthodontic treatment. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the number of adult patients receiving orthodontic treatment grew by 37% during the most recent ten-year period. it is estimated that one in five orthodontic patients in this country is an adult.

There are now more than one million adult orthodontic patients in the Untied States, and the number is growing. The vast majority of these adult patients are getting braces for the first time. The remainder are going back to orthodontics to receive treatment for teeth that have migrated from their desired positions in the years after adolescent treatment.

Removable appliances, limited treatment and invisalign are some of the alternate treatment options available. Treatment that takes less time and is more affordable is often a desirable choice for adult patients.

At our practice, a surprising percentage of patients are adults. The health, happiness and self-esteem that come from having an attractive smile are vitally important no matter what your age. At North Jersey Orthodontics, our professionally trained, highly capable staff works together to assure our patients’ progress and success. Please call us to make an appointment for your free initial examination. We are committed to offering our patients the best orthodontic treatment.