Orthodontics for all ages

No one can realistically expect the teeth and jaws to fit together perfectly in every case. However, the orthodontist aims for perfection with the goal of having the top front teeth extend over the lower front teeth slightly and the molars lining up and meeting on both sides of the mouth (top and bottom). Teeth should also be straight, uncrowded, and closely spaced. When patients’ bites vary from the ideal, it may affect chewing or speaking. For others,”malocclusion” (bad bite) is simply a cosmetic issue. In any case malocclusion is not a disease, although poorly positioned teeth are more difficult to clean and can be more decay-prone because foods may become trapped. Properly positioned teeth look and function better.

Today, patients have more options for braces. Metal braces, made of high-grade stainless steel, are smaller and more comfortable than in the past. Ceramic braces, made of translucent (clear) material, are more fragile, but are popular with adult patients. Thanks to translucent ceramic brackets that render braces hardly noticeable, self-consciousness is no longer a reason for avoiding orthodontic treatment. Clear aligner treatment, such as Invisalign, is another option.

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