Correcting Missing Teeth

About 10% of the general population has congenitally missing teeth, which are teeth that do not develp when they are supposed to. As a result, there are empty spaces where permanent teeth should be. The most commonly missing teeth are lateral incisors and the second bicuspids.

When these or other teeth fail to develop and take their place in the dental arch, it poses some problems beyond the cosmetic. When holes are left where teeth should be, other teeth may slowly shift out of place. This can change the way that teeth fit together, as well as adversely affect bite.

One way orthodontists fill gaps left by congenitally missing teeth is by placing a temporary tooth on the arch wire. When the braces come off, an implant can then fill the gap. A youngster with congenitally missing teeth may also be treated with removable appliance that maintains the proper space until the time a dental implant may be put in place.

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