Tooth Overcrowding

It hardly escapes the notice of realtives that children inherit certain of their parents’ physical features. The orthodontist focusses primarily on inherited characteristics shuc as facial contour, tooth size, and the size of the jaw.

The relationship between jaw and tooth size is critical because if a child inherits one parent’s large teeth and the other parent’s small jaw, for example, their teeth may become overcrowded due to lack of room.

Unless properly addressed, this problem can lead to interference of tooth-eruption patterns or even partial impaction of some teeth. It can also result in an abnormal bite known as a “malocclusion,” which can be both unattractive and unhealthy. Fortunately, the orthodontist can diagnose any problems and correct them.

Tooth overcrowding, which can usually be traced to inherited causes, is one of the most common reasons for patients to seek orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment changes not only the teeth, but sometimes entire facial structures as well. For this reason, it’s important that the treatment be appropriate and completed properly.

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