Meet the Team

Our orthodontic staff is the best! Some members of the staff have enjoyed working in this practice for over 30-40 years and others joined throughout the last 25 years. They are an incredibly hard working and dedicated group of people, who have enriched the lives of the individuals we have treated over the years. They are highly skilled, extremely well trained and work hard to make each visit in our office comfortable and enjoyable. Our staff helps to make the environment at North Jersey Orthodontics both friendly and fun as they get to know our patients and parents throughout their treatment. Our patients and parents love spending time talking and laughing with our highly qualified staff at each visit and appreciate their attention to detail and professional service.

The staff attends continuing education each year to better understand all of the latest technology and advances in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. Dr. Ellen and her staff have traveled to continuing education courses in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas and Bermuda.

We take pride in our ability to work well as a team and offer our patients a great orthodontic experience scheduling appointments, assisting with account information and insurance benefits and creating the most magnificent and beautiful smiles to last a lifetime.