Straight Talk About Orthodontics

Teeth are seldom evenly spaced and the bones of the jaw are not always perfectly alighted. In fact, because two separate sets of genes (one from each parent) control the development of the teeth and jaws, it is common for mismatches to occur in the mouth. Beyond inherited irregularities, there are problems that arise as the result of abnormal eruption and tooth development. Injury, decay, disease and habits may also contribute to forcing the teeth into less-than-ideal positions.

In any case, the orthodontist is expert at aligning the teeth and jaws of both children and adults.

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As a third-generation orthodontist, I enjoy carrying on the tradition of creating healthy and beautiful smiles for our patents. The staff here at North Jersey Orthodontics is a strong team of professionally trained, highly capable individuals who are dedicated to our patients’ progress and success. We are committed to offering our patients the best orthodontics treatment possible.

Fun Fact – The term “orthodontics” is derived from a combination of the Greek words for “straight” and “teeth”.

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