What Your Fee Includes

1. Initial Examination by Doctor*

Preliminary diagnosis and explanation of problem
Recommendations for ideal timing of orthodontic treatment

* Initial Examinations are provided without charge.

2. Initial Diagnostic Records**

Comprehensive orthodontic examination
Study models of teeth
Facial photographs, intra-oral photographs
Full head (Cephalometric) x-ray
Dental/jaw (panoramic) x-ray
Functional evaluation

3. Consultation**

Discussion of “good bite” relationships
Comprehensive diagnosis of patient’s orthodontic problems
Comprehensive explanation of treatment plan
Discussion of patient responsibilities/doctor responsibilities
Oral hygiene instructions/food restrictions
Explanation of risks and limitations of orthodontic treatment
Review of financial responsibilities

**Our fee for initial diagnostic records and consultation appointment is $300.00. This amount is included in the total treatment fee and will be applied to the initial Treatment fee. Should treatment not commence, it will be due and payable within 30 Days.

4.Treatment of Case (approximately 2 years)

All materials and supplies
Doctor and staff time
Correspondence with insurance carriers including filing necessary claim forms
Correspondence with other doctors
All progress diagnostic records as required
Chair side treatment progress reports
All adjustments, wire changes, emergency visits***

***Should any of the fixed appliances become broken or lost through patient neglect or carelessness, a separate charge may be incurred for replacing them.

5. Retention (braces removed)

Removal of orthodontic appliances
Equilibration and enamel plasty (reshaping) of teeth as needed to improve esthetics and function
Construction of 1 set of retainers****
Discussion of treatment result and retention plan
Retention diagnostic records if necessary
All doctor and staff time

****A separate charge will be incurred for loss or breakage of any removable appliance.