Jump Appliance Instructions

]A jump appliance is a removable retainer with additional attachments called springs. This type of appliance often has clear acrylic covering the biting surfaces of the back teeth. The acrylic helps to separate the top and bottom teeth slightly to unlock a single tooth or multiple teeth that are positioned inappropriately in a “crossbite”.

At the first visit, the jump appliance will be placed without activation of the springs. Once the patient is comfortable with the appliance, at subsequent visits, the springs will be activated. The pressure caused by this activation may cause the tooth to be sore for twenty-four to forty-eight (24-48) hours. It is important NOT to remove the appliance after activation for the first twenty-four hours. Rinse with appliance in the mouth during this twenty-four hour period. Remove the appliance after the first twenty-four hours for cleaning.

After the teeth are positioned ideally the jump appliance will no longer need to be worn. The doctor will determine if a standard removable appliance is necessary to hold the correction.


  • Wear the appliance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Wear the appliance when eating
  • Brush appliance every time you brush your teeth, with cold water and soap or toothpaste.
  • Hold the plastic part of the appliance and brush it gently.
  • Brush the top of your mouth when appliance is removed.
  • Eat what you like, but some gum and hard candies will stick to the appliance and should be avoided during the active treatment time.
  • Remove the appliance  ONLY when CLEANING.


  • Wait too long, if appliance breaks or is lost. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY, the teeth may shift or move.
  • Remove the appliance to eat, during tooth movement the teeth are sensitive and the appliance provides protection from inappropriate contact.
  • Soak the appliance in WARM or HOT water, it will bend and distort.